Lymonade Citrus Berry


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There’s a new flavor to explore at Noodles and it doesn’t require a bowl or chopsticks. New Sprite Lymonade Citrus Berry, a blend of Sprite’s crisp, carbonated, lemon lime flavor with splashes of refreshing lemonade, along with strawberry and raspberry flavors, for the ultimate taste sensation. With your unique promo code, you’ll get to try the new flavor for free. Just pair it with any of your favorite Noodles dishes from Japanese Pan Noodles to the new Zucchini Shrimp Scampi and let your appetite be your tour guide.


Free Sprite Lymonade Citrus Berry

Enter your unique code into the NoodlesREWARDS app by April 16, 2019. The offer will be valid for two weeks after entering your code into the app. Valid in the Rewards app only. Code can only be entered into the app once.

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