Points are awarded for making qualified Noodles purchases, and are based on the tier a Member is in. For more information on tiers and point awards by tier, please see the Program Tiers section below. To earn points through the Noodles Rewards Program you can (1) make a qualifying purchase by ordering online while signed into your account (2) scan your Noodles Rewards app at the register when ordering, or (3) provide the Noodles Ambassador with your registered phone number on your account when placing an order. Some purchases and transactions do not qualify for earning points, including, but not limited to: purchases of Noodles gift cards, alcohol purchases, tips and sales and other transactional taxes. Points are rounded to the nearest whole point value.

Noodles & Company may offer guests the opportunity to earn points through certain promotions, achieving milestones or completing challenges. Points for these activities will be awarded as described in the promotion and are subject to their own terms.

Points for any qualifying purchase are only awarded to one Noodles Rewards account. Points may take up to 48 hours to appear in your account. If you are refunded for your order, your points will be refunded as well. This can cause points to go into a negative balance if you have already spent your previously earned points.