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I live outside the U.S. And am interested in bringing Noodles & Company to my country. Are there international opportunities?

Because we are in the beginning stages of franchising, we are focusing our efforts in larger domestic markets at this time. We are not exploring growth opportunities outside the U.S. at present.

I have a great real estate site for a Noodles & Company restaurant but I don't meet your franchise criteria. Who should I contact?

For individual real estate considerations, please provide feedback here.

Can you send me financial information such as typical profits, sales, ROI's investment amounts, etc for a Noodles & Company restaurant?

Yes. We have a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that contains important financial information about our company and restaurants. We furnish a copy of the FDD to qualified candidates as part of our process.

What are the current qualifications for franchising Noodles & Company?

Please go to our Criteria page for more information.

Can I franchise a single Noodles & Company restaurant?

No. Currently we are looking for Franchise Area Operators able to develop three or more restaurants.

Unanswered questions?

Sorry we couldn’t help you out. Please submit your question through our Guest Feedback Form.

How can I become a member of the Noodles & Company team?

We’re always on the lookout for genuine, nice people to join our team. Click on Careers at the top of the page and check out our openings.

Where do I ask about sponsorship, in-restaurant fundraisers, donations etc.?

We are very active in our local communities and welcome your ideas and requests. Please go to the Giving Back section.

Can I look up my gift card balance online?

Yes, you can check your gift card balance anytime! Simply enter your gift card ID number found on the back of your card at the bottom of our Gift Card page. Running Low? You can refuel at your neighborhood Noodles & Company.

How can I purchase a gift card?

Go to the Gift Card section of the Navigation bar and select your card type.

I want to open a franchise. How do I get started?

Go to the Franchising section to get started.

I have a new location idea...

We love to hear where you think we should open. Go to our Guest Feedback Form and submit your idea.

I am vegan. What menu items can I eat?

While there is no commonly accepted definition for vegan*, we define it as menu items that don’t contain meat, fish, dairy, eggs or other animal products. If your definition matches ours, try these menu items:

  • Japanese Pan Noodles
  • Tossed Green Side Salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • Penne Rosa without cream and cheese
  • Spaghetti with Marinara without cheese
  • Spicy Chipotle Adobo without pork, chicken, sour cream or cream
  • Thai Green Curry without shrimp
  • Pasta Fresca without cheese

Click here for more information.

*Our dishes may contain sugar and/or wine. For a full list of ingredients, please visit noodles.com/made-different.

I am vegetarian. What menu items can I eat?

Most of our dishes are vegetarian unless you add a protein, so there are lots of choices for you. For convenience, our vegetarian dishes have a V next to them on our menu and nutrition guide.

I need to avoid gluten. What can I eat?

Go to Menu in the Navigation bar and select Nutrition & Allergen Guide. We make recommendations if you are watching your gluten intake. We’ll try hard to accommodate your needs, but please consider that we do have wheat in our restaurant, and we can’t guarantee no cross contact. We also urge you to inform a manager of your needs every time you dine with us. You can also filter our menu by selecting Gluten Free to view other menu options that can be made gluten free with a few modifications.

I have allergies and specific questions regarding your food. Where can I find this information?

Go to Menu in the Navigation bar and select Nutrition & Allergen Guide. We indicate what dishes include the Big Eight allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat) in our restaurant. Please note because we offer so many unique flavors, not every ingredient we use is listed in our menu descriptions. We’ll try hard to accommodate your needs, but we can’t guarantee no cross contact. We also urge you to inform a manager of your needs every time you dine with us. If you have specific questions, please use our Guest Feedback Form.

Where can I find nutritional information?

Click on Menu in the navigation and then go to Nutrition & Allergens. From there you can view and download our complete nutritional guide. You can also select the individual dish to review nutrition information, dish description, profile and pairing suggestions.

When are you open?

Hours vary depending on location so select Locations from the navigation and enter the information about your area to find a list of restaurants near you then choose More Info.That will bring you to a page with more information about your favorite restaurant including hours. For holiday hours, contact your local restaurant directly.

Where are you located?

Select Locations from the navigation and enter the information about your area to find a list of restaurants near you. We’re opening new restaurants all of the time so check back often!

Where can I find a menu?

Click on Menu in the navigation. From there you can sort through all of our dishes in our main menu, such as Noodles, Soup, Salads and Shareables. Or you can click on Locations, select the restaurant nearest you and choose Online Ordering to view the exact menu and pricing at your favorite location.

Who reviews the applications submitted for assistance?

Applications will be approved or rejected by the Noodles & Company Foundation Selection Committee that will consist of at least five Noodles & Company team members, including at least one general manager and one corporate support team member, selected and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Who provides the funding to the Noodles & Company Foundation?

Noodles & Company team members from across the country donate to the Noodles & Company Foundation as do others from the community who share a passion for improving the well-being of our team members.

What types of events qualify to receive funds?

Team Members must experience an unavoidable catastrophic event/emergency that is:

  1. Identifiable: the event or hardship must be described in detail in the application.
  2. Damaging to property/person: a loss of life, health or property;
  3. Sudden: the event or hardship must be swift and precipitous, not gradual or progressive
  4. Unexpected: the event or hardship must be unanticipated, unforeseen, unintended or unplanned, an ordinary, anticipated event caused by deliberate intent will not qualify; and
  5. Unusual: the event or hardship must be noticeably different from what is generally found or experienced, it cannot normally occur in the ordinary course of day-to-day living.
  6. If the team member is insured, insurance benefits should either be unavailable or inadequate.

Examples of Qualifying Events:

  1. Unusual medical/dental expenses caused by a severe illness/ accident (including travel expenses);
  2. Property casualty loss of home or contents due to a catastrophic event (e.g. fire, crime or flood) that is not covered by insurance;
  3. Unusual expense for the care and training of a handicapped dependent;
  4. Insurmountable indebtedness occurring for reasons beyond the individual’s control;
  5. Expenses due to the death of a Noodles team member or a member of a Noodles team member’s immediate family (defined as spouse, domestic partner, child; or a relative that the team member provided more than half of their financial support and vice versa;)
  6. Emergency housing expenses to prevent or immediately following eviction.
  7. Expenses due to unforeseen loss or damage to mode of transportation that prevents Noodles team member from working (e.g. fire, accident, theft or need for unanticipated repairs).
  8. Lack the necessities of life, including financial, physical, mental or emotional well-being, as a result of the catastrophic event or emergency hardship described above.

For more information, visit our Foundation page.

How does one submit an application for assistance?

An electronic application can be found by visiting noodles.com/foundation. The form must be completed in entirety and supporting documentation must be attached to accompany the application. The Noodles & Company Selection Committee will review all requests within 14 days of submission. Time sensitive requests will be reviewed as soon as possible. Nontaxable funds are distributed by check directly to the creditor whenever possible.

Who is eligible for financial assistance through the Noodles Foundation?

An actively employed Noodles & Company team member as of the hardship event date, or the parent/spouse/domestic partner/child of the Noodles & Company team member. Visit our Foundation page to learn more.

What is the mission of the Noodles & Company Foundation?

The Noodles & Company Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that supports Noodles & Company team members by providing cash grants to assist in handling financial challenges brought on by catastrophic events or emergency hardships.

When does my barcode expire?

The barcode on your receipt expires 4 days (96 hours) after the date and time of your transaction. Be sure to scan your receipt right away.

Can I earn Rewards through Online Orders?

Yes, as an Online Ordering account holder, each time you order while being logged in, your order will automatically be tracked.

Can I redeem more than one Reward per visit?

No, you are only able to redeem one Reward every 4 hours. Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

How do I check-in for a visit?

There are several ways to check-in:

  • You automatically earn if you order online when signed in to your account whether it is through the app, on a desktop, or using our mobile ordering site.
  • Redeem an existing reward during your visit and make a qualifying purchase.
  • When ordering in the restaurant
    • Click Check In / Scan on the Rewards screen of your app.
      • Scan your phone at the register or provide the cashier with your phone number to look up your account.
  • If you have not done any of the above, a barcode will print on your receipt for you to scan or enter manually into your account. Receipt barcode must be scanned or entered within 4 days of the time of your transaction.

If I redeem a reward during my order, do I still need to scan to earn?

No, if you are redeeming a Reward and adding an additional purchase, you automatically earn for that visit.

What if I click on Redeem for a Reward and I am not in the restaurant yet?

If you accidentally click Redeem for your Reward and are not yet in a restaurant, you will still be able to use your reward. You will receive an email with a redemption code that you can provide to the Noodles Ambassador at the register.

If you are at the restaurant and the app closed or you lose the screen with the QR code, a yellow bar will display at the bottom of the app with your active reward.

Does my reward expire?

Yes, each reward has a specific expiration date. The expiration date is listed at the top of the specific Reward. Make sure you are signed up for email and push notifications. We will send a reminder before your reward is about to expire.

How do I redeem my reward?
  • In-Restaurant
    • Navigate to the Rewards section of your app and scroll up to view all active Rewards. Then click Redeem to scan the QR code. Make sure you are in the restaurant and ready to checkout when you pull up the reward on your phone. Otherwise, the Reward will go away and a yellow bar will display on the screen with your active reward until it redeems.
    • If you have registered your phone number in your NoodlesREWARDS profile, you can provide the Noodles Ambassador with your number and they will be able to pull up your available rewards. In order to check if your phone number is registered, click the Menu button in the bottom right corner of the app and then click profile. From there you can confirm if your number is on your account. If not, be sure to enter it for future redemptions. If you are using a desktop version, go to NoodlesREWARDS and sign in, then click profile to add your phone number.
  • In the App
    • Reward: On the checkout screen when placing your order, click Redeem under “Available Offers”. The Reward will appear if your order is valid (be sure to satisfy any minimum purchase requirements). You must be signed in to your account to redeem the offer.
    • Online Ordering Promo Code: Go through the same process listed above. Instead of clicking Redeem NoodlesREWARDS, click Apply Coupon Code and manually enter the code when you are ready to checkout.
  • Online Ordering
    • Before starting your order, make sure you are logged in. When checking out, you will see the available Rewards at the bottom right of the screen. Click Apply Reward for the one you wish to use and it will be applied to your purchase. You must be signed in to your account to redeem the offer and meet minimum purchase requirements if the offer states so, otherwise the offer will not apply to your order.
    • Please note that for orders placed for a future date, if the reward expires before the order will be picked up, the order will not be placed. Please make sure your reward will still be valid for the date you plan to pick up your order.

How do I change my email address?

You are able to change your email address in the app by going to the menu in the bottom right corner and clicking profile. From there you can erase your current email address and add your new one.

If your account is linked to Facebook, you will be unable to change your email address as it is associated with your Facebook account. In that case, please update your email address associated with your Facebook account and it will update in the NoodlesREWARDS app.

I am not able to sign in to my account on the app or online.

Please contact us here.

My app is not working properly.

If you are still able to get to the menu in the bottom right corner of your app, please submit your question under “Need Help?” If you are not able to get to the menu, please contact us here.

Do I get a birthday treat for being a member of NoodlesREWARDS?

As of 1/1/18, the birthday Rice Crispy Treat has been transitioned over to the NoodlesREWARDS program. The birthday treat had previously come from our Noodles EClub, which is a separate program. Make sure your birthday is in your NoodlesREWARDS profile in order to receive the special treat. It will be delivered to your account on your birthday and will be valid for two weeks.

Am I a NoodlesREWARDS member if I had an EClub account?

No, the NoodlesREWARDS program is separate from our EClub. If you are not sure if you are a member of Rewards, try logging in with your email and click forgot password. If your email address is not recognized, then you will need to create a Rewards account.

What locations can use the Online Ordering part of the app?

Every Noodles location is available for ordering on the app.

Where can I redeem NoodlesREWARDS?

Please click here to see which states are participating in the rewards program.

What if I don’t have an Apple or Android smartphone? Can I still use the program?

No smartphone, no problem! Just click here to sign up or log in to use the Rewards program online. Please make sure you add your phone number to your account so you can provide it at the restaurant when ordering.

What is NoodlesREWARDS?

As a NoodlesREWARDS Member you’re in-the-know on all things Noodles World Kitchen. Menu updates, special sneak peek invitations, reward member tastings and sweepstakes – plus bonus perks for being a FAN of Noodles! And, as if that’s not delicious enough, with each visit you’ll work your way into surprise rewards like FREE Menu items, Noodles swag, and gift cards.

The NoodlesREWARDS program is a surprise and delight program, meaning we don’t follow a traditional points or visit based system, and there are not points associated with any users account.  The rewards are randomly chosen for each guest, and may be delivered to you after some visits, but not after all visits.

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